"had we but world enough, and time" - Andrew Marvell


the acceptance of her flaws is what made her flawless

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  • Gretchen: why do your lips look so big?
  • Me: for that d.
  • RA: those d's
  • Gretchen: remember when dsl meant dial up?

My sister’s keeper (at Mariott Marquis - Times Square, NY)

Gin and tonic kind of night

So we are wary. The publishing industry looks a lot like one of these best-selling teenage dystopias: white and full of people destroying each other to survive.

A journal is an artificially permanent record of thought and inner life, which are invariably transient — something the most prolific diarist in modern literary history articulated herself in her elegant defense of the fluid self. We are creatures of remarkable moodiness and mental turbulence, and what we think we believe at any given moment — those capital-T Truths we arrive at about ourselves and the world — can be profoundly different from our beliefs a decade, a year, and sometimes even a day later.

at Hudson Hotel Roof Top Terrace

Kinky Boots! (at Kinky Boots on Broadway)

Reading good fiction is like making the jump from masturbation to sex.